Dryer Repair

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After more than 25 years of experience doing dryer repair work, I know first hand that having your clothes dryer break can be a nightmare:

  • The endless piles of laundry that stack up so quickly
  • The wasted time driving to the laundromat and sitting around waiting for your clothes to dry (or fear that someone will steal your clothes of you do leave for a little while)
  • The expense and hassle of feeding hundreds of quarters into the machines
  • And the discomfort you may feel when you realize that everyone else doing their laundry that day knows exactly what what types and colors of underwear you or your family wears!

When your dryer breaks down you need it back in action ASAP – which is why I offer dryer repair services that are fast, affordable, and always with friendly and professional service.

If you have a clothes dryer that needs some attention, contact me at 805-462-8550 or use my convenient Appointment Booking page to schedule your service call.

I’ll come to your home or office as soon as possible, diagnose your dryer’s problem, and let you know all your repair options. And after you decide which option is right for you, I’ll do quality dryer repair work at a price that is fair.

Call me at 462-8550…I look forward to talking with you!

Mike Goldensmith
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