Garbage Disposal Repair

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I’ve done a lot of garbage disposal repair work over the past 25 years, and I’ve seen first hand time and time again that having your garbage disposal out of commission creates problems in the home fast!

  • First you have the annoyance of needing to scrape your dishes into a trash can instead of the kitchen sink after every meal and snack – what a pain!
  • Then there’s the smell that comes from the food that is still stuck in and around your broken disposal – yuck!
  • Then you get to choose between taking half-filled loads of trash out multiple times a day, or have the smell of rotting food come from your trash can as well – filling the entire house with the stench!

Of the many appliances my son Cameron and I repair, garbage disposal breakdowns affect the smells and overall pleasantness of home environments the most. We know better than anyone that when your garbage disposal fails you need it back in action ASAP – which is why we offer disposal repair services that are fast, affordable, and always with friendly and professional service.

If you have a garbage disposal that needs some attention, contact us at 805-462-8550 or use our convenient Appointment Booking page to schedule your service call.

And if you are new to Golden Appliance Repair be sure to mention our online coupon exclusively for first-time customers… good for $10 off your first service call fee!

When you call, I’ll come to your home or office as soon as possible, diagnose the problem your garbage disposal is currently having, and let you know all your repair options. And after you decide which option is right for you, I’ll do quality disposal repair work at a price that is fair.

Call me at 462-8550…I look forward to talking with you!

Mike Goldensmith